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Welcome to the #1 fan site dedicated to the amazing english actor & singer Ed Westwick. You'll find everything you need in here. Don't forget to catch Ed as Chuck Bass in the new hit serie Gossip Girl on the CW every wednesday at 9/8c. If you want to contact me, or send me pictures or anything else, just go to the contact page and you'll find my email. Come back often, this site won't disapear soon.



January 27, 2007

i am sorry for not updating lately except for the gallery.
this site is boooring, so i decided to put it onto a HIATUS for a bit.
it'll probably be back when gossip girl is going to be back on!
you can still leave me msg on the tagboard and all.
i just wont update it for a bit, sorry.
if anyone wants to take charges and be a new owner. email me.
take care yall.
back before march break probably!

January 21, 2007

dang god, i really am the worst webmiss ever. lol.
i just updated the gallery 2 with brand new pictures,
check it out and i sorry for not updating my life
is kind of roller coaster right now.
take care <3

January 4, 2007

Hi everyone!
As you can see, the site has been on a undecided hiatus
for a while and im really sorry about it.
I've been dealing with major problems
but im really back for good now!
Gossip Girl was back on yesterday
I hope yall really liked it!
And i also hope y'all had great holidays!
I'll be putting a new layout up and new stuffs this week!
So keep checking back! ;)

December 17, 2007

hey guys
sorry for the huge lack of updates,
i was pretty much busy with school, my new job,
my band doing some shows etc..
tonight's episode of gossip girl did not featured ed
that means it was pretty much boring haha.
no just kidding but its always better when his in it!
so i added a couple of pictures in the 2nd gallery
from ed being photographed after trl with penn & chace
i'll be adding some new pictures of ed on tour asap!

December 3, 2007

hey guys,
just want to let you know that there's a new interview
of Ed on the set of Gosip Girl on Alloy.com click here to see it.

December 1, 2007

i added a couple of new pictures in the gallery 2 including
some amazing gossip girl gap ads and a few on set pictures!

November 27, 2007

hi guys,
sorry for the lack of updates i was pretty busy
i added a few new pictures including one from today
on the set of gossip girl, just go onto the gallery 2
and youll find them!! and for those who have ctv,
dont forget to watch GG tonight at 7pm!

November 14, 2007

I added great new pictures to the 2nd gallery today!

November 13, 2007

damn, i gotta say that todays episode was awesome
as always but wow haha i am pretty shocked right now.
but i won't spill any secrets for the us people.
so, today i added a new gallery.
so just click on 'pictures' and visit each gallery.
both are full of awesome pictures!

November 11, 2007

hey guys,
today i finally added the audio page
you can now download 4 amazing songs from ed's band
the filthy youth, so enjoy!
leave messages in the tagboard,
it always make me happy to know what you think of the site!

November 9, 2007

I just added about 30 new icons to the media section!
I also added pictures to the gallery from an event of 11/07/07
sadly i do not have a full account because it cost money
so the oldest pictures disappear when it comes to 200 pics+
So i will find a way to make it work with all the pictures
but well, at least we have a gallery for now,
i will be adding some elite affiliates
by the end of the week so be sure to keep checking back.

November 8, 2007

hey guys,
i just added a new wallpaper today,
so check it out!
hope you like it.

November 6, 2007

So, i finally got the time to put a gallery up!
it is not the final one but it will work out for now
just click on 'pictures' in the menu
and you will be redirected there right away!
we have an amount of about 150 pictures right now
but trust me it'll grow up fast!
i also added tourdates in the filthy youth section
and i will be adding much more things like ed's personnal pictures
and songs from his band in the next few days!
so keep in touch guys!

November 5, 2007

this site is obviously going in the wrong way right now
i do not update it and its new so that is not helping
the coppermine gallery is working so slow that im going
to find another way to put pictures while working
on it because i i dont this site is going to be dead.
so yeah, look for updates in the next few days...
dont forget to watch gossip girl tomorrow tonight on ctv @ 8pm

October 23, 2007

i am again, so sorry for not adding some stuffs
but i am actually working on a openning a coppermine gallery
for this site so it's taking a lot of my time and
i also have a friend helping me out but he doesn't live near
so we are both workin our asses off to get this thing working.
i feel bad but it will be worth it so be patient!
if you have ctv i hope you watched tonight's episode
of gossip girl. it was awesome and once again ed blew me away!
check back soon!

October 22, 2007

i am so sorry guys for the lack of updates
this obviously isn't the right way to start a website.
i will put some things up extremly soon!

October 18, 2007

hi guys,
i updated the band page, they have one new show,
plus, i added some part of 2 episodes of gossip girl
you will find them in the media section.
take care,

October 16, 2007

I added the first wallpaper today!

October 15, 2007

Hi, i am still working on a few things but i added
a section in 'ed w.' you can now learn more about his band
and also, i added some icons in the media section.
check it out!

October 14, 2007

The Ed w & WWW parts are now working
as well as the pictures section
i would like to say a big THANK YOU
to youknowyouloveme.org who was kind enough to
accept that i put up her gallery for my site
while i'm making the one for the site!
you will find loads of great pictures of ed in this gallery
thank you and keep checking back i'm still workin
for this site to be full and interesting!!


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